A Warm Welcome to Seasons Hospice Foundation

When we touch a single piano key, we hear not a single string, but the rich sound of many strings vibrating in harmony. When we touch a single life, the harmony that spreads enriches the lives of many. At Seasons Hospice Foundation we feel privileged to be able to provide help to our patients and their families at such a precious time in their lives.

Our Seasons Hospice teams frequently encounter patients and families whose needs and wishes fall outside of what Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance covers. The examples are many. The cost of airfare to bring an unemployed son to the bedside of his dying mother. Or money to pay utility bills for a family who is desperately trying to care for their dying child and fears a cold home may cause needless suffering. Or orchestrating the quiet celebration of a couple's final anniversary together.

We have learned through the years that you cannot underestimate the huge impact these acts of kindness have on someone's dignity and quality of life. Treating the spirit and the soul are essential in bringing peace and comfort to end of life care.

The Foundation's mission is to meet these unique needs and is made possible through the generous gifts of compassionate donors like you. In doing so, we all touch and enrich the lives of patients and their families.

Please join us today. Together we can make a meaningful difference.

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